The College Recruiting Formula
THE Inside Secrets to Playing College Sports
The proven step-by-step system to get recruited, 
play college sports and save money by doing it.
Meet Hans Hanson
Your Guide & Mentor through the College Recruiting Process
  • Inspired by the experience of his son playing Division 1 Baseball, Hans began his career as a College Advisor. He has been in your shoes, exactly where you are today. It was the challenges he and his son had to overcome through the college recruiting process that has driven his passion advising families over the past 15 years.
  • He has been featured on national media outlets such as CNBC, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Fox Sports, Fast Company and Inc 500.
  • He is also a the author of multiple books including "Be a Recruited Athlete--The Secret to College Recruiting" and "the Inside Secrets to Playing College Sports: What Every Mom and Dad Must Know".
  • Thousands of successful students later, he has teamed up with College Factual to bring you this special knowledge in a well thought out, step-by-step system. The next best thing to having him in your living room!
Fact: 80% of High School Athletes Take
Themselves Out of The Running
What is The College Recruiting Formula?
The College Recruiting Formula is the step-by-step system to take control of your future... we don’t leave it up to the big, expensive companies that take your money and simply send your profile to hundreds of schools blindly. We don’t leave it up to your travel coach or your guidance counselor...we leave it up to YOU.
The College Recruiting Formula is your ticket to:
Get Recruited
Become a desirable prospect that gets recruited by college coaches
Play College Sports
Making the team isn't good enough. You want to get off the bench and play
Save Money
Leverage your athletic talent to reduce your college costs.
Winning Depends on What You Know
Your College Recruiting Starts Here
Inside Secrets to Playing College Sports

You will learn how to specifically create your own advantages and increase your odds of becoming a recruited athlete. We will introduce to you our formula for playing college sports and achieving college success.

8 Fallacies to Playing College Sports

You will learn how to avoid the biggest and most common mistakes made by athlete-families, year after year. You will immediately adjust your "thinking-cap" in the direction of doing things right.

5 Top Keys to Playing College Sports

You will learn the top 5 key elements to successfully becoming a recruited athlete. You will quickly see how you can get it right while so many others are getting it wrong. You will see that success is achieved by plan while others leave it to chance.

Who's Job Is It to Get Your Child Recruited?

Know that the waiting game is a losing game and that when someone says "don't worry...", then it's time to worry.  Take ownership of the process early by being proactive and knowledgeable.

Want FREE 14-Day Trial Access to This Training?

Get access to these intro training modules and other exclusive inside secrets to playing college sports.

What You Get In The Complete Course
College Recruiting Master Class
Instant access to the step-by-step guide to getting recruited, including:
What To Do and When To Do It, The Steps Ahead

Not sure what to do and when to do it? This guide and downloadable checklist will walk you through step-by-step.

  • Know what to do as a student-athlete and when to do it.
  • A plan that results in time to focus on what's important, leaving urgency and chaos to others.
  • Don't miss a thing, get ahead of the game.

Rookie Mistake #1: Letting valuable time pass by and missing opportunities to build credentials.

Getting Started, The Kick-off

Take your first step on your journey to playing college sports by creating a strategic plan.

  • Build a college list matching the student-athlete's qualifications, interests and needs.
  • Get organized and impress the college.
  • Learn the importance of pursuing colleges not based solely on sports interest. 

Rookie Mistake #2: Thinking that it is someone else's job to find your child their right college fit.

Creating Your Strategic Plan

Begin effectively communicating with college coaches and admission counselors.

  • Create a marketing package to specifically target coaches from the colleges on your list.
  • Learn how to properly involve the Admissions Office in this dual path process. 
  • Convert simple communication tasks into daily routines for building relationships. 

Rookie Mistake #3 - Not having an up-to-date personal marketing package.

Cultivating The Winning Mindset

Take ownership of your outcome to achieve your goals and dreams.

  • Create your own advantage over the competition.
  • Develop a strength of purpose that builds confidence and overcomes fear.
  • Set goals and keep your eyes on the prize. 

Rookie Mistake #4: Big dreams without big action.

The Inside Secrets to Meeting and Impressing Coaches

Connect with coaches in a meaningful way beyond casual emails and camp invitations.

  • Extend a 10-minute meeting with a coach into an hour-long one.
  • Gain the trust and interest of the coach by being well-prepared.
  • Ask insightful and probing questions of coaches. 

Rookie Mistake #5: Going into a coach's meeting unprepared (it's simple but all too typical).

Going from Evaluation to Recruited Athlete

Move from coach-interest to evaluation of athletic fit.

  • Plan for evaluations of coaches known to you (this is the difference-maker and is missed by the majority).
  • Follow-up with coaches to get your private feedback call (it doesn't just happen).
  • Use private feedback calls to clarify your options. 

Rookie Mistake #6: Thinking coaches will magically appear at your games to watch you play.

Getting Offers and The Business of College Sports

Learn the economics of college sports and how to leverage your athletic abilities to get a great education for less.

  • If you are going to play the game, then know the rules by which you are playing; we give you the playbook. 
  • Decipher real, credible offers and actionable communications from those that aren't.
  • Take control of the process (you have more than you think) to avoid overpaying by tens of thousands. 

Rookie Mistake #7: Being drawn in to mere morsels of college praise in false beliefs of recruiting interest.

The Keys to Maximizing Scholarships

Learn the rules of the scholarship game and how to win at it.

  • Know how scholarships work and how the NCAA rules affect them.
  • Know the coach's situation and the true meaning of their offers.
  • Know how the game is played and understanding the coach's real intentions.

Rookie Mistake #8: Jumping to accept offers lacking in credibility and substance.

Special Bonuses Included In This Offer
3 Incredible FREE Bonuses
Coach Communication Scripts

Save hours and avoid costly mistakes by downloading our bonus coach communication scripts. These scripts walk you through how to email and call college coaches and help you understand the questions to create the best first impression ($125 value).

Secrets to Showcase Events

Sign Up and Pay, Show Up and Play, Go Home and Pray: That's what others do, but not us. We make showcases worthwhile. Make your investment in showcases payoff with this bonus training ($100 value).

The Ultimate Guide to Being Recruited

Get the comprehensive 106-page guide and workbook to help you master the art of getting recruited, playing college sports and saving money in the process ($125 value). 

How Do I Get Started and What Does It Cost?
You could try and figure it out on your own and spend thousands upon thousands (and spend a TON of time) or "hire a consultant" for 10,000+ (I charge at least that much and can't keep up with the demand). 


You can get the College Recruiting Formula, including...
8 Core Recruiting Master Class Modules ($800 value)
3 Awesome Bonuses ($350 value)
That's well over $1,150 worth of training.
 If you act on this offer today, you can save yourself time, money and heartache by getting the complete College Recruiting Formula Online Course + Bonuses for only ...
You can also choose a single payment of $297 (and save an additional 25%).

And yes, you will get full access to the program right away with your first payment.  All modules. All downloads. All bonuses. So you can do this as a crash course (Netflix binge style) or take it slow.  

The choice is yours.
How about a guarantee?

College Recruiting Formula comes with a 30-day 100% money back guarantee.

I pride myself on high quality programs that actually work…if you put the work in. Meaning, if you do what I teach you, good things happen. If you don’t do it, nothing good happens. Shocking, right?. 

If within 30 days, if you are unhappy for whatever reason just email our customer support and you will receive a full refund. 

My team and I stand behind College Recruiting Formula 100%.

Will You Define Your Own Destiny?
Choose your option below to get started
One-Time Payment
$297 (save 25%)

All INSIDE SECRETS Video Training Modules

8 MASTER CLASS Video Training Modules

3 AWESOME Bonuses

Download access to all Trainings & Resources

LIFETIME Access w/ Free Updates

30-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

Monthly Payments
10 monthly payments of $37

All INSIDE SECRETS Video Training Modules

8 MASTER CLASS Video Training Modules

3 AWESOME Bonuses

Download access to all Trainings & Resources

LIFETIME Access w/ Free Updates

30-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

Frequently Asked Questions
Do I get access to everything all at once or do I have to wait?
Yes, you get access to everything right away. You can attack the material at any pace you want. Many people think I’m nuts for having an affordable payment plan ($37/month for 10 months) and giving full access but I know how life-changing this material can be when you learn and implement it.
Can I download the videos and other resources?
YES! Everything is digital and downloadable so you can login to access the content & download the course and take it on the go with you as well. Content is available in video + slides and you can download everything (videos, slides). Enjoy! 

This includes downloadable copies of the 4 introductory modules included in our free training.
Do I get lifetime access?
Yes, absolutely! You get lifetime access and can login 24/7.
If I choose the payment plan, do I get the entire course or just a portion till I pay in full?
Yup, so by popular request through this special offer you can get the entire College Recruiting Formula system for just 10 payments of $37.

Meaning just $37 due today.

And yes you get the whole thing and you can go at whatever pace you like. 

Here is the thing. Many business folks think I’m crazy for doing this, but I trust you and know you will follow through on your commitment of 10 payments.
Why is the course being offered so inexpensively?
I am tired of watching families make the same mistakes over and over again. I don't believe that the inside secrets to playing college sports should be reserved solely for those families that can afford my one-on-one coaching. This course is my attempt to make it affordable for all families to avoid these common mistakes.
What if I want a refund? What's the policy?
I pride myself on high quality programs that actually work…if you put the work in. Meaning, if you do what I teach you, good things happen. If you don’t do it, nothing good happens. Shocking, right?.

If within 30 days, if you are unhappy for whatever reason just email our customer support and you will receive a full refund.  My team and I stand behind the College Recruiting Formula 100%.
What exactly do I get with the course?
As soon as you purchase, you will get immediate access (via user name and password) to the entire College Recruiting Formula program , including:

- 8 In Depth Step-by-Step Modules (to attack at your own pace)

- All 3 Bonus Downloads / Training Modules.

- (Special Bonus Offer) As part of this special, limited-time offer, you also get access to the 3 additional bonuses. 
What bonuses are included in this special offer?
As part of this limited time offer, you also get access to these special bonuses:

Bonus #1: Coach Communication Scripts to walk you through how to email and call college coaches and know what to ask to make the best first impression.

Bonus #2: Secrets to Showcase Events Training Video to help you make your investments in showcases pay off. 

Bonus #3: The Ultimate Guide to Being Recruited.  The complete 106-page guide and workbook to getting recruited, playing college sports and saving money in the process.

These bonuses will NOT be available once this special offer expires.
How long does it take to complete the course?
You can go at whatever pace you like. Each video module is between 20-30 minutes on average.
What is College Factual? What is CollegeLogic?
College Factual is a leader in the college selection space that is dedicated to helping every student find their best fit college, career and major and discover the most affordable path to get there. 

My College Logic is Hans Hanson's company through which he provides one-on-one advising services to families.

Given both companies aligned missions and valuable tools and experience to help college-bound student-athletes, we joined forces to bring you the College Recruiting Formula.

I have a question, who should I ask?
We pride ourselves on having epic customer service. If you ever have any questions about the course all you have to do is email and we will get back to you pronto.

Results That Speak for Themselves
Here's what others have said over just this year
"I have to say the college process was overwhelming to me as a single mom but finding Hans to help me has been wonderful. He is so knowledgeable and helpful always! My daughter had gotten scholarships from schools we would never have if not for Hans! He is terrific! "
Nancy G.
Mother to 2016 grad
"I realize the school Andrew ended up selecting was the perfect school for him as a person, player and student. Hans opened our eyes to this and it allowed Andrew to be committed to his sport but explore school options we would have never considered had we done this process on our own. Andrew is very excited to be a Spartan this fall. Hans continues to check in with Andrew even after the selection was done just to see how things are going and even to help him with his major."
Cheri R.
Mother to Andrew, 2016 grad
"To simply state it, Hans is an expert in the field and I find it hard to believe that someone does it better. Hans is about the school education and overall experience, while most advisors specializing in athletics only care about the DI-DIII status. He would rather see an athlete play four years rather than sit for the majority of their college athletic experience. This is the reason why Hans is the perfect advisor for any student aspiring to go to college and find scholarship money. It's about academics and the college experience. Collegiate sports are something that just enhances the college experience. 
Hans comes at my highest recommendation for any student who is looking to find the perfect fit academically, socially, economically, and athletically. "
Brett B.
Quinnipiac University 2012 graduate
"If you have a son or daughter who is interested in excelling at a college of their choice, then you CAN NOT AFFORD NOT to seek out the expert and trusted advice of Hans Hanson...he is simply the best!"
Paul N.
High School Baseball Coach
"Hans, you are worth your weight in gold because I would not have had time or knowledge (despite having older sons) to be this far along in the process in August." 
E. Donoghue
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